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Must Have Apps
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Hi. This is the FileZone section.. I'm recommending to you the top 10 apps according to me. If your list matches mine, you get a free... umm.. !!! :)

Okay. Here it is.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0   : Free !!
Paint Shop Pro : Unless you can afford Adobe Photoshop 4. Shareware $69
Pirch32 : The very best in IRC clients. Shareware $10. This addon is also nice.
Microsoft Office 97 : The best of the best. Expensive ( > $100 ).
Winamp : If you want MP3, you want Winamp. v1.80+ supports "skins" !
WinZip 6.3 SR-1 : The cool Zip utility. Beats PKZip like hell. Shareware $29
CuteFTP : Fantastic FTP program.
ICQ : Communicate with people all over ! Freeware ????
GetRight : The download companion. Shareware $17.50
Frontpage 98 : The best website creation utility. (Expensive)

Tell me what you think of this list.. Like it ? Hate it ? Click on "Contact" on the top of the page.


This page was last edited : 03/16/98