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Music & Lyrics
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Okay. This page is for all your music needs..


Consituted by... ME !!

And the award goes too.. WinAmp ! Yes, this software deserves it. Full featured MP3 player, with graphic equalizers, extremely high quality, endless configurability and lots more. If you don't have it.. GET IT !

Also, if you want a list of MP3'z that I have (LOTS), contact me from the above link. I'll mail you a list.

Now, for the linx. - Yep.. That's the best lyrics server there is. Nothing to beat it. - That the homepage for the Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club. - I don't need to tell you.. - That's MTV's Asia - MTV's "subsidiary" site ! - You can get Channel [V]'s programme schedules from here. - Absolutely fantastic streaming music. It's got a "Bhangra" section too ! (This is not an advertisement.) - Ok.. you might call this a vague link, but it's got music.. right ? - Only if you like John Tesh's music. - Heavy metal fans.. this is for you. - The "unofficial" Spice Girls site. - I LOVE these guys ! (official site) - That's how these MTV/Yahoo people write it.. - It's got lyrics ! - Russion Lyrics ! Michael Bolton lyrics page - That big African reggae thingy.. - The Peechees - Microsoft's way of music - It's got an IE4 channel too. - THE place to search for MP3'z - The Magnasound India's site.


WIll keep updating/adding links. Contact me (link above) if I've missed any.

This page was last edited 03/17/98.