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Some Info : In case you're a REAL newbie, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. In the basic fundamentals.. this is a system in which, you take a client software and access the IRC servers, and then.. CHAT. You type out sentences, and all typed sentences come to your screen. It's a little more complicated than that actually, but you'll learn. It's not tough. Read on. Also, visit this page if you want some real IRC help.

Client Softwares :

There is a wide variety of Client softwares available to access IRC. Of them, the most popular are mIRC, Pirch and Globalchat. There are others of course, but for the PC platform, I think these rule..Currently I've given much more info in mIRC, but I'll try and update the others with lots more information as well.



This is the kind of "traditional" IRC software. It's in somewhat like the situation Netscape Navigator was in around the time Internet Explorer 3.0 came out. But it's not as bad as Netscape. It's got good features, is powerful, and yet simple and elegant. If you're relatively new, I suggest you start of with this, else if you're REALLY new, try GlobalChat.. The latest version for download is mIRC 5.11. It's shareware, meaning you can try it out, but after a few days, you have to pay for it.

You can download mIRC 5.11 shareware from Press enter here to download the 32 bit version. This is the Windows 95 version. For the 16-bit shareware version go Press enter here to download the 16-bit version.

You can download the mIRC 5.11 FAQ from here.

Here are some links to help you with mIRC.

mIRC: Homepage - Official mIRC Homepage
mIRC Scripts Homepage - An okay page
Karen's mIRC 'Stuff' - Some addons: Mainly colour stuff
The Scripters Guild - Great site on scripting
The Toolman's Homepage - A few scripts and files
mIRC Help Files & Scripts - Addons, and colour scripts
mIRC Scripts & Tipz - A few scripts
mIRC-Scripts.Com - an IRC #Channel homepage
mIRC-Scripts Cache - So-So
The Scripting Crypt - A scripting group. Has about 56+ v5.02 scripts
mIRC Scriptz - Fantastic page ! 1900+ files. Scripts, bots, addons, help.
mIRC etc. - A slow page
The Alliance - Older scripts
mIRC Scripting Central - 37+ v5.02 Scripts: All rated and reviewed
Hips Tragically Original Scripts - Not regularly updated
DJCool's mIRC Script Page - A CTFire ripoff. Out of date.
The IRC Repository - Scripts out of date. only mIRC4.52-4.7
Eric's mIRC Scripts - Pretty good site
#mIRC Info Center - Contains FAQ's, help & support and some scripts
Laurence Simons's mIRC Tips & Tricks - Great site
WeS's iRC PaGe - Has some good stuff
JARimbaud's mIRC Basement - Has some good scripts
The mIRC Archive - Great page, frequently updated
The mIRC CRIB - Excellent, has heaps of scripts, bots and programs
mIRC Archive - Pretty good site




This is by far the best chat software. It's a lot less famous than it's counterpart mIRC, but it's certainly better. It's VERY powerful, with lots of features built-in, including a UNIX DNS/Finger client. It supports personal bios etc. It's shareware too, but very cheap, and costs ony $10 to register. Click on the appropriate button below to download Pirch v0.92 (the latest).

Click here to download Pirch 32 bit (Pirch 32 bit. Version 0.92 - 1.06 MB)

Click here to download Pirch 16 bit (Pirch 16 bit. Version 0.92 - 835 KB)

You can download the Pirch FAQ here.

A good page for you to start with Pirch would be this.

I shall be putting up more Pirch links soon.



This is another extremely simple to use (but hardly powerful) IRC software, perfect for newbies. It's by Quarterdeck software, and is free for personal, non-profit use. It does simplify the process of procuring information about someone you're chatting with, though it's not really enough. I don't think there is a 32 bit version, so you can just download the 16-bit version from below.

Click here to download GlobalChat

03/16/98 10:27 PM

Sachin Tandon