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Yep. I believe in them. Don't you ? If you don't.. get lost [NOTE]..


Where lost is here.


Okay, here are your links. Also, one more thing, if you're and IE4 user like me, you really don't need these links. The channels in IE4 are fantastic, and include lots of horoscopes (the one in ComicZone is really kewl)

Daily Horoscope - From Psychic Web
Your Not So Good Horoscope - This is a comic thing.. You're going to cry :)
Daily Horoscope - From Romance.Net
Chinese Horoscope Page - It's unconventional, but my favourite. Check it out !
4 Your Horoscope
Live Horoscope Readings - Live Psychic readings
Rob Brezsny's Real Astrology - Lovely Free site !
Excite Horoscopes - From Excite
Netstrology - Tech flavoured Astrology


Will Update later ppl.

Sachin Tandon