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Indian Links
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Here are some Indian sites which I have reviewed, and which are worth checking out.. I've stopped updating this list now. What to do.. there are just too many of them ! I'm not shooing you away from this page, but you're better of checking out one of these...

123India I'd say.. the best.

Indoseek Yahoo style index.

Samlian Not just India related, it included neighbouring countries too, but it's VERY interesting.

Jadoo New site.. Should do well


Surati Farsan Mart

Mmm... The name may sure sound funny, but this is one of the most delicious sites on the Net. The Surati Farsan Mart is located physically in California, hence an online order would be suitable only for Americans.. or Indians staying there. They have a lovely meny, and provide catering services to you. If you have some relative (Indian) staying in the USA, tell him about this site.. and he'll love it.

Times of India

The Times of India, one of India's most widely read newpapers recently came on the web. Its a pretty good site, and the top page makes it feel like you are reading the newspapers front page itself. Their cartoon is quite prominently displayed, though when I went, they had the previous day's edition online, instead of the current one.

123 India

This is one of the newest sites on the net, and absolutely fantabulous. It has a slightly "new" type of content, though appealing to any Indian. Worth more than just a visit. It has a search engine for Indians, and you can add URL's etc. to the database. Well designed, and thankfully the graphics are of a tolerable limit, to help those you have slower modems... Check it out.

The Economic Times

What's great about this site is that the whole newspaper, which is one of the most widely read business newspapers in India, is completely online. This site features corporate news, economy, stocks, politics, features and opinions. It also features its own three mini magazines online, namely Corporate Dossier, Brand Equity and Investors Guide. Its home page even has a pink background like the paper itself !

Hello India !

This is an Indian site from MCI, one of the world leaders in communications technology. It features excerpts from Business Today and India Today, profiles of distinguished personalities, music, mythology, recipies, the Indian calendar complete wih holidays and festivals as well as a section about charitable institutions etc. Overall it is a very well maintained site, as you get special offers from India Today and MCI. Worth a long visit.

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

It's the home page of our beloved VSNL, who introduced the Internet to the common people in India and without whom, you would not be reading this right now. The opening page is very business like, a little bit of graphics and mainly text based till the bottom of the page. You can find out about VSNL itself , its services, facilities, and most importantly you will get an idea of how Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited works.

Internet India


Internet India has a business section, with links to some industry pages, a Culture section that features SPIC Macay, and a section devoted to Pranic healing. There is an Art section, featuring two artists, a Stage section on a theater foundation and there are some articles in an Impressions section. Travel is featured with options from Swagat magazine. You can also find Femina Miss India's here.

Rediff on the Net

One of the nicest Indian sites around. Everything and anything can be found here, from hotels and restaurants to airlines, destinations, election news, interviews, ad agencies, business and economic news and even an online lottery. I would rate it a five star site. It's best if you see it yourself. However, there is a subscription required to access everthing, although there is an initial guest registration. It even has a kiddies and teenagers corner.


Update yourself with bulletins from what is happening in several Indian states. Webindia features daily updates, interviews with leading politicians, comments from journalists and analyses of each party's prospects.


India's premier electronic news and information service. Daily updates of news, with features like infotech trade shows and conferences, latest news, a Business directory and as of the time of writing the page the Punjab State lotteries was online at the site. It even has a chat area for its visitors. Also, it hosts the sites for the newspapers Indian Express and Financial Express which like the Economic Times are completely online.


This site is one of my personal favourites. You can get information about anything related to Mumbai. It has sections nicely divided into Entertainment, Leisure, Food Plaza etc.. The food section is my favourite haunt (especially since I am 5 kgs overweight !). They also have an electronic magazine dedicated to Bombay and other Public Utilities, services and emergency services. There are sections on glamour, homour, cyberstars etc. However, there is a lack of info/material related to Bombay's main industry which is the film industry aka Bollywood.

India Connect

This site offers a vast choice of things to do. There is a business section, a section dealing with the the top 10 songs, top 10 movies etc. It also hosts the following sites :

All India Management Association

Herbline : Herbal and skin care
Oriental Insurance Limited
Shubh Vivah - Matrimonials
India Business Information Services
Business Yellow Pages
PC World (India) Limited
ANI News

Cyber Cricket

This site is not strictly an Indian site, though it offers links to Indian sites and as all of you know, cricket is in the heart of the Indians. It may be called the official site for the Will World Cup 1996. Cricket buffs, this is a site for you.


This is the official site of the chain of BBSes all over India, by the same name. This site features echos to the mailing lists managed by it, a place to put up your home page for free, and of course tours of India. The site also shows a list of the BBSes in India, needless to say which is quite incomplete.

India Online

This site is managed by Folklore and it is one of the most simple and plain sites available. It has hardly any fancy graphics, big pages or pictures. It is a simple text and very few links based site. It is a good site to visit though, as it has a good business section and a some of the latest information about movies in India etc. This site is worth a peep.

India Server

This is the official site for Connectivity India '96. It has a detailed section relating to Connectivity India '96 and has some good section of business, music and sports among many other things. It also hosts the pages for HMV music with a few of its new and old releases in a section very aptly titled Jukebox. Bollywood

A site dedicated to something every Indian loves - Bollywood. I spell that out clearly d-e-d-i-c-a-t-e-d t-o . However, the matter is not exactly something to look forward to as one looks forward to bollywood. Ok.. it features India's top ten songs, so what if they were last updated in July (at the time of writing this) ? Feature stories are rather old, but very interesting. You can vote for Bollywood King and Queen, but you aren't let go until you also enter in name of an actor and and an actress whose name you would like to see there. You are not supposed to choose from the list, but I found it mighty tough to think of any such people, as their list was very comprehensive. Now for their BEST part.. They have a Web chat page in their server ! However, since it is completely HTML based, it is very slow. If you love bollywood, you'll love this site.

India Time

The same old formula, but in a different recipe. This site is business based, but it's presentation is much better that any other of the business sites. I recommend that you try this out if you are a business fan only. It does have a few other sections, but after all, it is a business based site, so what can you expect ?

Shahnaz Hussain's site

Shahnaz Hussain now has her own home page on the Web. Find out about beauty schools, Ayurveda, and the R&D that her products are supposed to be based on. The entire range is featured here, and you can order online.

Mahrashtra Online

This Web site introduces Maharashtra as an industrial state. There are some Maharashtra statistics, some general information and a message from the Chief Minister. Don't waste your time on this one unless you have absolutely nothing to do.

'g' Magazine

'g' magazine, one of the many film and movie based magazines in India is online. At this site, access is without subscription. You can read box office reviews, articles on and interviews with film personalities, news and gossip from Bollywood, and you can also find out what's hot and what's not. Plus you can see lot's of fairly quick-loading pictures.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has been on the Web fir quite a while now, and this is one of it's most comprehensive sites. It's index includes dance, festivals, food, movies, poems, music, literature, religion, news, pictures, upcoming events, tourism, services and even Tamil fonts. There is also an active map and a Message board. Links to other Tamil sites are also there.

Other sites which I have not tested, which you can explore :

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre,Bombay,India
BFL Software, Bangalore, India
Bits, Bangalore, India
CAT, India
CMC, Hyderabad, India
Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, India
Computer Bookshop, Calcutta,India
DDE Org,Bangalore, India
Department of Electronics, India
Dias, India
Govt. of India, India
HCL Consulting, Gurgaon, India
Honeywell, Bangalore, India
Institute of Mathematical Science, India
IIC, Hyderabad, India
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
Indian Institute of Technology,Madras,India
Infosys, Bangalore, India
IUCAA, Pune, India
Jivanet, India
Live Wire BBS, Calcutta, India
Made In India
Mafatlal, India
Mahindra & Mahindra, India
NCST, Bombay, India
NIIT, India
NIIT, Delhi, India
National Informatics Centre, Bangalore, India
National Informatics Centre, Bombay, India
National Informatics Centre, Delhi, India
National Informatics Centre, C-Web, Delhi, India
National Informatics Centre, Ren, Delhi, India
National Informatics Centre, Hyderabad, India
Novell, Bangalore, India
Open Technologies, Noida, India
Plasma, India
Polaris, India
Prl, India
PSPL, India
Rect, India
River Run Software Group, Noida, India
Rothwell Systems, Bangalore, India
Software Services Support and Education Centre (3SE), Bangalore, India
Software Technology Park, Bangalore, India
Software Technology Park, Hyderabad, India
Software Technology Park, Kanpur, India
Software Technology Park, NOIDA, India
SNTH, Hyderabad, India
Transport Corpn of India, India
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
Tata Information Systems Limited, Bangalore, India
Tata Consultancy Services, India
Tech Info Forecast & Ass. Council, Noida, India
Uunet India, India
Uunet India, India
Univ of Pune, Pune, India
Who, India

Acknowledgements :

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Indian Students Association of Purdue University

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