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WOW ! Free Webspace !


Looking to put up your own page on the web ? Need a space to put it up ? Then this is the page for you. Also, check out my HTML help page for info on creating your own page. You can if you want check out Yahoo's page concerning this here, but I've got a kinda reviewed feature of a few of them.



I'm using Tripod, and except for the slight irritation caused by their unconventional advertising methods, they're the best on the web. You are offered 2 MB of web space, and have to pay if you want more. They have a relatively fast server, though their ftp access is very limited.You get a URL like the one written on the status bar above (like They have their online home page builders for those who don't know HTML ( I doubt there is anyone like that), and a good Homepager facility to manage your account there. Plus, you have a lot of other options like personal chat rooms, advice, tips and tricks etc. A thoroughly professional system.



I used to use Geocities a while back, because at that time it was giving 10 times (2MB) the amount of space that Tripod gave. However, when Tripod increased its space to 2 MB, and the Geocities server became worse and worse everyday, I switched back to Tripod.. Not that it's REALLY bad, but just that the server became slow because of too much load, and occasionally was down and inaccessible. It's improved a lot now, but then, when you have something even SLIGHTLY better (Tripod), why go for Geocities ? It's got a good neighbourhood system, no advertisement problems to the users, a good chat system, and gives a free email address ! Of course the "number-type" and long URL's like<Neighbourhood Name>/<Number> are pretty bad.



A good server, fast and reliable, loses out because of lack of features. It's kind of designed exclusively for web page storage. It's URL's are again different, for example, Not that it's doing bad, infact, it's got a lot of web pages, but I don't know why, web pages don't really last long on that server. Most links to an Angelfire server are broken (not working).But it has a good home page building feature, for the newbies who don't know HTML at all.You can try it out if you wish, but it's got that kind of feeling exactly opposite Tripod.. it's amateurish.. kinda.


I'll be putting up more gradually. Till then check these out :



03/14/98 11:55 PM

Sachin Tandon