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Friends Pages
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Friends Pages

Okay.. Okay. This is a formality. Ok ? :) Nah. really, there pages deserve a visit. One more thing.. all these nicknames are given in fun, so PLEASE don't be offended. If you are a screwball, I can't help it ! Tell you'll what, if you just put up a page, and want visits to it, contact me here, with a suitable nickname and your name/URL, and I'll put it up. Ok ?


Mayank "Furry" Sarup

Ninad "PussyCat" Gupte

Vijay "CyberNut" Gangolli

Prakash "Journalist" Advani

Mukund "Arvind" Seshadri

Nitish "WOW" Jain

Chetan "CyberAce" Jhaveri

Ratheen "Sub_Zero" Shroff (This page is rated 18, be careful which entering)

Siddhish Sriganesh (Some Def Lepard stuff)

03/14/98 11:58 PM

Sachin Tandon